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Becoming a doctor isn't what it used to be. As the delivery of healthcare becomes corporatized, physicians have lost autonomy, and their well-being continues to plummet in lock-step.andwise is working to restore power to the individual physician by putting data and modern technology in their hands.

Why we're building

We're building andwise because we believe every physician should be able to chart their own path to financial independence.In the fight against exploitative behavior from lenders, employers, and insurers, early-career physicians are finding themselves outgunned, especially while managing busy schedules and living on a tight budget.

With the help of technologists previously behind the salary transparency and telehealth tools at Doximity™️, Andwise is developing decision support tools America's physicians can use to take control of their financial well-being.

What we're building

Andwise is combining decades of whitecoat wisdom—the time-tested tactics physicians been sharing in ORs, podcasts, private Facebook groups, in courses and books—with data science and a modern, personalized digital experience.

  • Build your financial care team with confidence: compare financial advisors, services, and products on objective metrics and transparent methodology

  • Career decision support: Choosing a job is more than just about compensation. Give your contract a first pass through our data-driven Physician Contract Analyzer to identify red-flag issues

  • Arm yourself with knowledge: Educational video content by physician-friendly financial experts who believe in tried-and-true, no-BS strategies for building wealth while building your career

  • A community of your peers: Join other physicians across the country as we continue to build this community of physicians committed to their financial well-being.

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