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Rollback to stock ROM or earlier version

I have noticed that many people do not take backups of their system. They install custom ROMs or update to the new Stock ROM and then ask how to go back to the original/previous ROM. Well my first answer is:

Where are your backups!?

People this is important!!! Whatever you do, install [...]

Android System Update, Image or ROM - Tutorial 1 Introduction

Stock ROM? Custom ROM? What? Where? How? … Why??

There are plenty of articles about how to install or update the newest or coolest custom or official ROM on your phone. You follow some instructions but do you really know what is happening and what is being installed on your device. You may [...]

root Android and install new roms

Today I was asked once again the question what and why is Android rooting needed. Also came this one ‘do I need to root my phone if I want to install new Roms?’ or ‘Will i change my system if I root my phone’. Let me make things clear: