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Stop stock recovery from coming back

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Have you experienced that you flashed your CWM recovery image and then when you reboot back to recovery you get your old original menu.

Well basically the troublemaker is:

when the device is booting it executes this:

service flash_recovery /system/etc/

So to stop this from happening you basically have 3 options:

note: it is always a good practice to make backups :)

Option 1:


1) Extra knowledge because the detailed process of unpack-repack boot image is different from device to device. (will write some tutorial on that)


  1. Extract the boot image
  2. Open init.rc for editing
  3. Find “service flash_recovery /system/etc/” and comment it (put # before the line and the next lines in this paragraph or the next command)
  4. Save init.rc and rebuild the boot image
  5. flash the bootimage back

Option 2:


1) Root(su) access


  1. Get to the root shell on your device
  2. remount /system with rw option (
  3. in the shell type: mv /system/etc/ /system/etc/

Option 3:


1) CWM recovery –

2) to be used to remove Download :


  1. Boot in CWM recovery
  2. Make sure signature verification(check) is disabled (use [toggle signature verification button])
  3. apply update zip


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