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Stop stock recovery from coming back

Have you experienced that you flashed your CWM recovery image and then when you reboot back to recovery you get your old original menu.

Well basically the troublemaker is:

when the device is booting it executes this:

service flash_recovery /system/etc/

So to stop this from happening you basically have 3 options:


Nandroid backup

It is extremely important to do backups and one of the best way is the Nandroid backups.


1) CWM recovery, you can check how to do it here:


1 ) Turn off your device

2 ) go to Bootloader (press&hold volume up button then press&hold power button)

3 ) when [...]

Install Android 4.0.4 on Nexus S

OTA updates of Android 4.0.4 has already started for Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and even Motorial Xoom Wifi as Google stated in Google+.

However as many other people I still do not have one yet. So fro the inpatient here is a tutorial how to install it yourself.


1) Installed official Android [...]

Flash clockworkmod (CWM) recovery image

As many people are asking here is a tutorial how to install/flash CWM. note that this is not rooting your phone.


1) CWM Recovery image(we will call this CWM.img). Download the one for your phone from

2) fastboot.exe . you gen get this from here


Basically we can divide [...]